Fence Post Mounted Birdhouses and Feeders Made Easy

Update: How to mount a birdhouse to a metal fence post

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In my previous post, I introduced Post Host to the world, covering some of the solutions this bracket system offered for the "ugly side" of the fence. I'm sure not everyone considers the post side to be ugly; some are simply impartial. But one thing is for certain, if you have a portion of fencing with the posts on your side...it's time to accessorize!

One of my favorite uses is for mounting birdhouses and feeders. Bird watching is a year-round hobby, and it's always nice to have some wildlife in your backyard, and if you have steel fence posts, your mounting options are limited. 

The Post Host bird house/feeder mounting kit is unique, affordable, and easy to use.

mounting kit

As shown on the product page, mount the clamp to any 2 3/8" post, then mount the flat hook plate to any flat backed feeder or birdhouse.



For the last step, hang the bird house or feeder on the bracket and voila! Now just wait for the birds to find you. Below are a few samples from our Instagram using the hashtag #posthosted, featuring some feeders and birdhouses installed on fence posts. This kit is perfect for mounting your birdhouse or feeder, whether home-made or store-bought to your fence post.

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- JB

Post mounted bird feeder #posthosted @posthostbrackets

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Birdhouse made from scrap fence board. Mounted with a Post Host birdhouse mounting kit. #posthosted @posthostbrackets

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