My First Bluebirds

I'm going to try to tell this story without making any cliche'd remarks about stopping to "smell the roses", but I do want to share this one. I installed a bluebird house on my fence post several months ago, in fact, it was the first official Post Host® installation. Since then, I've been waiting anxiously for a bird of any kind to drop in. I checked on an almost weekly basis only to find an empty house every time (except one time there was a spider web).

Post Host Birdhouse view


I figured this was a valuable lesson in patience. To give a bit of backstory of my life, I'm an engineer, and had been unhappy in my job for a while (Post Host is currently a hobby for me). Well, just yesterday, I was made presented with an offer to work for a remarkable company... I'm talking dream job! It should be an obvious decision, but change is hard sometimes, especially if there is a financial impact. 

Not to sway from the story... I'm enjoying a strong cup of coffee this morning on my back patio, and all of a sudden, two bluebirds fly down from nearby light post (where they had nested previously) and landed on my fence. I observed them quietly.


The first had a greyish back and brown chest, appeared a bit younger than the other, which had a beautiful blue back and golden brown chest.


As I watched, Mr. Blue signaled Mrs. Grey, and she flew towards the top of my bluebird house, then swooped in to check it out. After a few seconds, she popped out and landed back on the fence and looked towards Mr. Blue. After a brief second, Mr. Blue swooped on in to give the birdhouse a look around, before popping out and landing back on the fence line. 


There is a certain level of excitement that comes upon us when we are visited by wildlife. This is the feeling I hope to share with others using my products. These little bluebirds were in search of change, just like I was. I took it as a sign of good things to come and accepted the offer. I wish I had the happy ending for you just yet, but fingers crossed that we all find comfort in the change we are looking for.


Stay tuned and have a happy new year!


- JB


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