So you got the ugly side of the fence...

Maybe your neighbor put up a fence and left you with the post side. Or perhaps you live on a corner block and posts have to go on the inside per HOA guidelines. I'm here to tell you, embrace it... As there's nothing else you can do. Also, there is now a silver lining, the Post Host™ mounting system.

Bracket_closeup Hanging


Post Host™ offers a patent pending post clamp that gives homeowners an easy interface for decorating those ugly metal posts. I've used them for hanging plants and bird houses.

 Mounted   Mounted2   Birdhouse

With 3D printing hitting households, there are a ton clever mounting solutions to come. See the below sample of a 3D printed holder for a rain gauge.

Rain_Gauge_holder    Rain_gauge

The Post Host™ clamp itself is made of aluminum, which won't rust, and retails for about $12. The dual square hole configuration on the face allows users to bolt, screw, or hook on any item. Once mounted, the clamp can be raised, lowered, rotated, or even removed and placed on another post, all without having to drill any holes or run any screws through your fence.


Get started turning the ugly side to the useful side at Post Host today!

- JB




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